The best is now better! The Thrifty 150™ Foamer is our finest dipper yet, saving 40% more dip than the original Thrifty Dipper. It will save you money and give you improved udder health. Guaranteed!


The Next Generation in Dipper Technology

Thrifty Dipper

The Thrifty Dipper is the most durable dipper ever designed. It gives perfect teat dip skin coverage and Dairymen testify about it"s efficiency and durability. The Dairy barn is a tough environment and the Thrifty Dipper has no match. When the Thrifty Dipper's bottle is full it will dip 100 cows, 3 times more than the competition!


The T150pre or post are bottle squeezed hand held dippers. Both Dippers will dip 150 cows when the bottle is full. They are unique in the industry, in that when the bottle is slightly depressed the teat dip travels vertically through it's veins and is deposited on top of the brush. This eliminates the need for the upper chamber to have any dip in it and eliminates the needless spilling. The T150pre has smaller delivery channels for lighter viscosity dips.


The T150post is designed to handle your barrier or heavier viscosity dips. The T150 post will also dip 150 cows per bottle and give 100% skin coverage. When the bottle is depressed the dip is deposited on top of the wiper, so that you paint the teats. It is designed to not spill dip when it is turned over, saving significant money.

T150pro Foamer

The T150pro foamer is the most efficient dipping tool in the world today! When the lever is depressed the foam comes to the top of the brush. The cows teat passes first through the foam and then through the saturated brush. The brush bursts the bubbles in the foam, applying the dip directly into the small fissures of the teat, this is the vital function of the brush because without it you would get about 60% air bubble coverage of your dip on the teat, air bubbles kill nothing! When the dipper is removed from the teat, the foam on top of the brush reattaches to the teat giving perfect skin coverage. When using the T150pro foamer for pre dip the skin of the cows teat cleans so much better than when using liquid. When using the T150pro for post dipping the foam on the teat stays moist and active for at least 20 minutes longer than liquid, giving the teats longer germicide protection time and allowing the teat more time to absorb the conditioners in the dip for smoother, softer, and healthier teats.

Why The T150pro foamer is the World's best dipping tool: Video

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Thrifty Hoof

Introducing the new foaming THRIFTY HOOF!! A revolutionary way of doing hoof baths: the "ready-to-use" copper sulfate foaming hoof care attaches to her hooves as the cow walks through the bath. The thicker foam stays on 30 minutes longer than a normal foot bath increasing the effectiveness in fighting hoof warts and foot rot. The specially formulated bath penetrates the hoof and maintains a low PH throughout application.

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Introducing the new!

T-150 Pro Tank Foamer


We now have a solution for every size of dairy and every milking parlor configuration. Thrifty Dipper’s new T-150 Pro Tank Foamer delivers the same quality of foam as the wall mount at 1/3 of the cost. Simple Setup! – Just add a ¼” airline and 3 gallons of dip and it is ready to go! Perfect for Pre Dip as well as Post Dip. Guaranteed more than 50% reduction in dip usage.

Tank Foamer Video

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Thrifty Dip Heater  *click here for more information  


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